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The designs shown may also be used on other products from CafePress not listed here. Contact me to request a Special Order.

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How to Special Order and Customize Merchandise

layout options for mugs and T-shirts

Terry Colon has done thousands of illustrations over the years for and many other publica­tions. Most of these pics are avail­able to be on a mug, T-shirt, or any bit of CafePress merchandise. A smattering are offered here. Click on the category tab across the top to see what is currently readily available.

Special Orders

Making thousands of spots good to go here and now is too much. You can’t wear thousands of shirts anyway. Still, nearly every image can be special ordered. Which means a little work on your part, but who ever said all the good things in life were easy?

Method One

A good number of old spots are here to peruse without having to go through hundreds of pages. Simply click the side tabs to view by year.

If any of the pics strike your fancy it can be put on a mug, Tee, sweat­shirt, or whatever CafePress offers upon request via email. Send us the image ID code under the pic and tell us what type of merchandise you’d like it on. When it’s ready we’ll notify you by email with the URL to buy it from CafePress.

Method Two

While you needn’t go through to find a pic, you can if you want. Any pic from July 1997 through July 2001 can probably be had. To request a specific image, we’ll need the date it appeared, a description and/or which pic it is. For example, “November 27, 2000, fourth pic down, guy with propellor beanie.”

Method That Won’t Work

Don’t ask us if we remember a picture of some description from about some year. We won’t. Our recall is not that good.

Other Special Orders

You can also get any pic from Just tell us which pic on which page and we’ll do our best.

Custom Orders

Shown above are ways you can customize merchandise by using more than one image and/or adding your own text. Wrap two or three images around a coffee mug. Or add your name or slogan, as in “Property of Joe Doaks.”

Send us an email of your request. We’ll need to know what particular type of merchandise you want and what pics you want on it. This could be images from any of the tab pages here (include image ID) or from as described above.

Special Custom Orders

If you have extra money lying around we can create entirely new art made to order. But be prepared to pay through the nose. Actually, through the mail with a check. In advance.